Frequently Asked Questions


Do we get to pick which Yeah! photographer photographs our wedding?

Yes of course. Please let us know which photographer you are most interested in booking and if they are available for your wedding date, we will send over their pricing information. If your preferred photographer is not available, we will let you know what other of our Yeah! photographers are available and see if you are interested in booking them.  The contact is signed directly between you and the photographer so the photographer is 100% locked in and confirmed to book your wedding day if we accept the booking.


How much does it cost to travel to our wedding?

All the photographers at Yeah! Weddings love to travel. The travel fee is generally the cost of flights, 2 nights accommodation and car rental if needed. So it can actually be only a small additional fee to get a Yeah! photographer to where your wedding will be. We will always provide you with a travel quote when you first enquire so you will know exactly how much the travel surcharge will be.  We are always keen to shoot weddings in Bali, New Zealand, Fiji and beyond!


 My wedding is in state but in a country area, do you charge a travel fee?

If the location is only a short drive from the photographers home base (generally 1-2 hours) we normally do not charge an additional amount. If  the location is to far to drive there and back in the same day, the photographer will ask for a nights accommodation to be covered :)


How much does it cost to have a Yeah! photographer shoot my wedding?

Our photographers all have different pricing structures. Let us know what photographer(s) you are interested in and we will send through their pricing guides. 


Do Yeah! photographers do portrait shoot?

We do all sorts of portrait shoots, including solo portrait shoots, pre wedding / engagement shoots, old lovers and family too. Get in contact with us for prices.


Where do you guys actually live? 

We are spread out all over Australia.

Aimee Claire lives in Busselton, Western Australia.  She mainly shoots weddings in the Margaret River region and in Perth.

Melissa Mills is currently based in Perth, Western Australia but will be heading to Hawke's Bay region in New Zealand in 2015.

Ben Murphy is living in Brisbane, Queensland. He loves traveling and is keen to shoot your wedding anywhere in Australia.

Julia Archibald is based in Melbourne, Victoria.  She loves shooting across Victoria and New South Wales but is always happy to travel further for weddings.

Lenise Ormsby lives in Sydney, New South Wales. She's always keen to travel for weddings.

Samm Blake is permanently based in New York City and shoots all over the world, specializing in destination weddings. She runs Yeah! Weddings remotely from her office in Brooklyn.


How do we book in a Yeah! Photographer?

Get in contact with us directly at Yeah! or through the photographer to find out if they have your wedding date available.  If they are available, all we need in order to confirm your date is a $1000 retainer to be paid and a signed contract. The remainder is due 4 weeks before the wedding date. If you would like to arrange a time to meet up with the photographer, either at a cafe or via Skype, let us know and we will arrange it.


When do we get to see our photos?

Each Yeah! photographer has a slightly different way of working but as a general idea, your collection of images will be ready for you to view in approximately 6 weeks after your wedding date. Each image is individually edited by the photographer so not something to be rushed :)


Do Yeah! Weddings make wedding albums?

Yes we do! Each of the books are custom designed for each of our clients. You can view some of Samm Blake's designs here. Each photographer will put their own slight spin on the designs and what they offer. Just enquire with the photographer for exact details.


Can we order prints through Yeah! photographers?

Yes, all the photographers have client proofing or in the process of setting it up. If this interests you please let your photographer know and they can arrange this for you.


Do Yeah! photographers work with second shooters / assistants?

Each Yeah! photographer has a different and preferred way of working. Some prefer to shoot on their own and only bring on a second shooter if the client requests or the wedding is large enough in needing two photographers to ensure proper coverage.


Do Yeah! photographers have backup gear?

Yes, of course! We are professional photographers and always have backup gear on hand.


Have other questions? 

Hopefully we have answered anything you may have been wondering here, but if not, please send us an email at