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Questions & Answers - Julia Archibald

Questions & Answers - Julia Archibald


- Age / Sex / Location?

Im 27 (28 in July) / Female / Living in Melbourne. I’m originally from Sydney, but from the age of 18 I’ve moved from Brisbane, up to Darwin, then to Adelaide, out to Country Victoria, and finally settled in Melbourne.

- How would you describe your photography style? I would describe my work as cosy, friendly, natural, a bit quirky. Very much like me!

- Favorite city in the world? No doubt, New York City. If I have a glazed look on my face I’m probably thinking about walking the Highline, or people watching in Central Park, or riding the subway with bucket drummers.

- Where's your favorite place in your neighborhood to get a good meal? I live right off High Street in Northcote, so I have a lot of great places at my doorstep. But at the moment my favourite place is Lam Lams. Go down and get rice paper rolls for $8 and you’re set!

- Are you working on any special projects aside from weddings? All the time. I have a few personal projects in the works. A few still in planning stages, one in particular for refugees, Another one for small business owners. Another one called “What you see” and I also want to start another one documenting my family and friends, more the world around me.

- What first got you interested in photographing weddings? A friend wanted to start a wedding photography and wanted someone to help her. She asked me because she knew I had been shooting people for a few years before that. But the people I was used to shooting were on stage and only the first three songs. This was completely different and I grew to really enjoy it till the point that I felt comfortable to start my own business.

- What would you love to photograph before you depart earth? I would say, my family and friends more. I have harddrives full of images from other peoples lives. I want to shoot mine more. The things happening around us, and the world we live in. Then there is the list of bands I would die to do portraits of!

- If you had to quit photography, what would your next profession be? I would be working in the community, most probably with refugees or youth aged kids. Before I took my photography business full time I was a Case Manager. It is a very hard and sometimes sad job. But it is engrained in my nature to help and support people.

- What country do you want to explore next? Germany. I keep spending my travel money on going to NYC, but I would love to go to Berlin and tour the places my mum grew up in. My mum also has this amazing travel journal kept by my grandparents through surrounding areas in Europe that I would love to follow. It’s full of beautiful shots of them on top of mountains and walking through forests.

- What is your top 5 song play list? Oh, stopping at 5 will be tricky. These are 5 songs getting the most play this week on Spotify :) It will change if you ask again next week! The Julie Ruin – Just My Kind (when I’m in a playful loving mood, it’s the perfect song to match!) Haim – Falling (my version of a power ballad. Love belting this one out!) Bloc Party – Ratchet (Hype up song to end all hype up songs!) Foals – Miami (My chill song) Pharell Williams – Happy (For those 4 minute dance parties in the office, plus its from my favourite movie franchise)


- Favorite phone app? Instragram and VSCOcam all day, every day. Oh, and Wunderlist. Keeps my OCD at a bearable level!

- If there was a movie produced about your life, who would play you, and why If you ask Buzzfeed, it would be Tina Fey. I’m more than ok with that. She is one of my most favourite people ever. She is quirky and hilarious. She has a bit of attitude and a dry humour that I can really appreciate. She can be stubborn and a bit self righteous. Just a real honest to goodness fox.

- Perfect pizza toppings? Chicken, pumpkin, baby spinach, fetta, roast capsicum and about 2 kgs of cheese. Not asking for much, right?!

- If you had 10 friends come to your house for dinner, what would you prepare? Probably some Enchiladas or Burritos. Something you have to build yourself, because it’s likely I’ve already started eating! Or lots of cheese, chorizo, dips and some crackers.

- What was the last movie you saw in the theatre? I actually can’t remember! We barely get to the cinema. Mainly on special occasions or if a new Harry Potter movie is coming out. The next one will definitely be Grand Budapest Hotel. I absolutely LOVE Wes Anderson. He definitely influences my composition.

- Sweet or Salty? Sweeeeeet! Not a big salty person. Not a fan of bacon because its too salty for me. Give me a giant freddo and I will literally be your best friend.

- PC or Mac? Definitely PC. When you have a husband that can build you a mega-machine, how can you say no!

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